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OJHWilliams October 10, 2009 16:50

CCM+ system requirements
I'm about to purchase a home desktop and wish to run CCM+.
I have checked on the CD-adapco website and cannot seem to find the system requirements required to run CCM+.
Does anoybody know what these are??

Many thanks in advance.

bramv101 October 12, 2009 05:25

First: if you need to ask this type of question you shouldn't be doing CAE/CFD..

You CAN run it on a single core cheap PC.
However you SHOULD try to run it on a workstation or server, this is CAE software so it will require a massive amount of resources, unless you want to test a simple AC duct.

My advice go for a 2CPU Xeon systen with the newer 5500 nehalem CPU. Dont be temped to save money on hard drives and memory. Make sure they are high speed

TMG October 12, 2009 11:57

You need a minimum of 2GB of memory per core. You need enough memory in total to solve the problem you want to solve without swapping. It depends on no. cells, type of cells (hex or poly), solver used (coupled or segregated). Beyond that its mostly about how fast you need an answer, not whether you will get an answer. If you go for a quad core cpu make sure its the latest Intel Nahelem or AMD Opteron as they both scale better than older cpu's. If you aren't working big models, 1 quad and 8GB of memory will do fine with a mid-range graphics card. If you have bigger models then you might want 2 quads, 32GB of memory and a mid to high end graphics card. I just bought a quad core Nehalem with 8GB of memory for about $1200 for home use. The dual quad, 32GB machines, higher graphics card that we have at work go for more like $7k.

Maddin October 20, 2009 05:13

When you have time to run calulations over night a Quad Core is enough. Most modells you can mesh with 8GB RAM - 7 Million Cells in some minutes are possible.

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