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kraizy October 12, 2009 20:13

passive scalar for carbon monoxide

I need a quick help here...

I am simulating a car park with jet fans whitout any problems. Now, I am trying to calculate de carbon monoxide concenctration released from cars inside it.

Firstly I tried to use segregated non reacting species, but it was taking quite too much time.

Now I switched to use a passive scalar but I am not very used to the formulation. So I set the whole domain and all the air inlets as having a passive scalar of 0.12 and the cars as having a value of 115.

Then I run the passive scalar solver, and I plot the passive scalar value.

Given this, the passive scalar value would be the CO concentration in PPM, right?

(CO concentration in air is 0,12 ppm and for car exhaust is somewhere near 100 ppm)

Thank you in advance for your time!

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