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akarak October 26, 2009 03:33

I want to setup a normal component of velocity on the wall boundary.
I found in StarCCM+ possibility to setup only the tangential component of the velocity:
Region-Body_name-Boundaries-wall_bound-Physics Conditions-Tangectial Velocity specification

In StarCD this possibility (possibitity to setup an optional velocity on the wall-boundary ) was realized through a user subroutine "BCDEFW".
How can I setup normal velocity on the wall-boundary in StarCCM+?

kyle October 27, 2009 18:45

I think the boundary type you are looking for is "Inlet"...

akarak October 29, 2009 07:10


Originally Posted by kyle (Post 234255)
I think the boundary type you are looking for is "Inlet"...

Some explanations for the my real problem:
In the air volume has a surface which makes the vibrational motion. I need to calculate the air flow, taking into account the movement of this surface. A good way is to use the new StarCCM +-feature "Mesher", but the design for this too complicated. The calculation takes too much time. It was therefore decided to set the periodic conditions on the velocity at the boundary surface (I think it is not quite correctly).
Maybe there is a more correct way to solve such problems?

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