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shawn123 November 13, 2009 23:02

rotating part
hi everyone i have simulated a rotating balde with 300 rpm, model is unsteady with time step,anybody knows how i can annimate t5he acctual motion of the turbine because we have a presentation,i am confused because in the annimation part they don't have such a thing,thanks Shwan

ttl November 21, 2009 19:27

rotating part

I've just been going through this myself. There is a way to do animations however there is no direct way to do animations within STAR-CCM+.
What you do is setup the since you want to animate then change the update policy to Time-Step (Scalar Scene > Attributes > Update > Time-Step).
Also set the file name and check the "output frame to file" box.

Now run the simulation for as long as you want, checking to make sure your getting the scene output files.

Then you should have a series of static pictures that you can use to make an animation with. I've used Windows Movie Maker in the past, not a great program but works well enough.

Remember the frame rate will be dependent on your time step size so if your time step is pretty big then the blade will look like it is going the opposite direction.

Have fun!

Have fun!

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