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Trofrensis November 16, 2009 20:25

field function to point variable temperature
Hi to all!

I've made a field function relating to this equation:

R = 3E-10 *T^3 - 6E-08 *T^2 + 3E-05 *T + 0,0148

where R is the thermal resistance and T is the temperature of my component.

Now I want to relate T value to surface points and mapping the distribution of R

How can i put inside the equation the variable temperature refering to the surface temperature distribution?

If it could not be possible, how can I relateT to the warmest surface point?
Thank you to everybody !


ping November 25, 2009 01:46

on the surface the system field function $Temperature is what you required - the local surface temperature - to double check simply create a scalar scene with that surface as the part and Temperature as the field function. So simply substute $Temperature for T in your equation. Then display R on the scene to see that it looks sensible.

If you do want the warmest point, create a Max report of temperature with the surface as the input part. Then use the newly created report field function (named something like Report.MaxTemp) is your equation.

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