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Saha_AIT November 30, 2009 08:43

Steps to be completed before running the simulation

I have imported a surface mesh file(.stp) and run the surface diagnostic. The output comes as follows:
Pierced face: 5163
Poor quality face:188
CLose proximity face:3593

Now, how can I repair my surface? After completing this what will be my next step? How I can do voluem meshing? Can you suggest me the steps that should be finished before running the simulation?


bramv101 November 30, 2009 09:54

Read the manual

SKK December 1, 2009 09:53


you need to use surface wrapper on your imported CAD geometry and then mesh the surface. CAD geometries will almost always have errors. Go through some of the tutorialexamples, that will help.

bramv101 December 1, 2009 11:54

I dont get these kind of questions, its like buying a car and asking how to drive it

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