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kfk December 3, 2009 20:20

importing cylinder doesn't work & meshing trouble

I'm new to STAR-CCM+. The place where I work on it either has faulty licenses, or something, because I can't access the tutorials. Thus, I went straight to the forums.

I am trying to create a cylinder around an airfoil. My mentor showed me that this was possible by expanding "Representations" and right clicking "Import", then selecting the cylindrical region.

However, every time I expand the "Representations" option, there is nothing there that says "import", just "geometry". How do I get the import option there?

I got it only once, when I imported a cylinder from SolidWorks, and then I could see the import option there, but it got too confusing and cluttered, and besides, my mentor had that option without importing something else from SolidWorks, just a .igs airfoil exported from there.

Hope this makes sense.

The other issue is that after I have set all of my options (mesh continua, etc.) and wish to mesh my airfoil, I click mesh and nothing happens. I do "show mesh", but it only shows me the ugly and useless mesh that shows up normally if you do that. Any suggestions there?

Help would be appreciated!


Arconis January 7, 2010 04:34

-The "import" option only shows up when you use import regions mode, if you use import parts, you get "geometry"

-To see the created mesh, you can right click on the representation window and choose "apply representation -> volume mesh"

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