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hannow December 8, 2009 04:22

Customized User Field Function - Vector
Hi all,

I want to create new user field function which is a velocity vector that has two components instead of three, j and k. Can it be done in STAR-CCM+? If so, how? or how the function definition should be written?

Thank you!


CFDENGR December 10, 2009 08:25


You can define a new field function as you described. Right click on the field functions tab under the tools menu and select new -> user defined field function. Now you can define it however you would like. The code is simple:

For velocity, you typically have 3 components, we will say i,j,k. The i-component is $$Velocity[0], j-component is $$Velocity[1], and k-component is $$Velocity[2]. You can use these and any mathematical operators however you would like to create your desired field functions. Look in the manual for user defined field functions for a more complete description of how to define them.

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