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vsumanth10 December 10, 2009 15:21

Starccm+ exception
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I am facing some issues with StarCcm+ 4.04 in my setup. I have installed Starccm+ 4.04 on my DELL Precision T7500, which has RHEL 5.2 64 installed. Everything works fine on the default kernel of RHEL 5.2. I upgraded the kernel from kernel-2.6.18-92.1.17.el5 to kernel-2.6.18-164.6.1.el5. Now, after starting a new simulation (file->new), the import option in the file menu (file->import) is disabled. The problem happens when logged in via ssh or the console. When using ssh, a ConnectException appears after a minute: " ConnetException: Connection timed out:" Please find attached the screen shot of the java exception and a file which has the details of the exception. Can somebody explain me what is going on and help me figure out a solution???

Thanks in advance!!!

Manuj Vyas April 27, 2010 03:28

I also faced similar problem but could not get any solution . I m trying to contact cd adapco personally . May be i will get the answer within 2 or 3 days . Will post the answer later.

Vinicius April 27, 2010 17:39

Do you have the required version of java installed on both computers?

Try to garantee that your version is the recommended one. It is always good.

olauer April 29, 2010 03:17

Be careful with JAVA updates on Windows. CCM+ 5.02 went back to Java6 Update7(!) (only on Windows!) because newer versions show problems with DirectX (see Installation Guide)

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