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Trofrensis December 27, 2009 17:26

solid region empty or not?

I'm sorry for the question, these are the first times i approach the cfd simulation.

I have realized a model of heat shield for a exaust pipe.

I made two regions: a fluid and a solid .

My question is for the shield that belong two the solid region .

You can immagine it as a semi -shell that is close in eash side by boundaries belonging to solid region.

When i make my volume mesh and then i make a section it seems to be empty inside . It's normal? Becouse monitoring the section temperature during simulation , I can't understand if inside is empty or not.

I set parameters like thermal conductivity inside the continuum , but I've seen you can set it also in the interfaces. So i think that the first is for the material inside the solid continuum ,while the second is only for the contact interface with fluid (air) region ? Is that correct?

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