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Trofrensis December 27, 2009 18:37

DOM Crash unexpectedly

I made a simulation using DOM radiation model , after 70 iterations I got this error stopping iteration:

Error: floating point exception [Invalid operation]
{Command=RunSimulation, Slave Message={Slave Rank=1, Slave Name=Proc[1]}, Synchronized=true, command=CommandComplete, In=[Machine::main, SimulationIterator::startIterating, SteadySolver::step], CompletedCommand=RunSimulation}

I tried to work in my model with frozen radiation solver, and my simulation ends successfully. But if I use radiation solver the simulation crash!

I don't know where is the matter!! I've tried also to raise the error tollerance , but it was useless!

Somebody have ever been this kind of problem?:confused::confused:

Thank you guys!

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