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Alessanrdro86 January 8, 2010 18:18

What's the best PC to work with Starccm?
Hi everybody, i'm a student that uses starccm to make simulation of internal flow on engine and i'd like to know what kind of computer(desktop or workstation), and relative specification(type of CPU,RAM,graphic,ecc.), is needed to make a simulation with a geometry that approximatly have 4 milion of cell(polyhedral mesh).
Thank's everybody and I hope someone can help me!

seang January 9, 2010 08:49

on a budget, a typical PC with 8 GB of RAM would suffice, that is, assuming the motherboard has 4 slots which can accommodate 4 x 2 GB pieces. The memory available would be my main concern, the rest are secondary.

ECC RAM would of course be preferable but these systems tend to be more expensive, but you can get like 8 GB piece RAM, which means that you can build a system with memory, quite a lot higher than the normal 8 that you get with layman PC.

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