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terMag January 21, 2010 12:18

Run simulation from command line

I am a relatively new user of STAR-CCM+. The OP of my machine is Windows 64-bit.

I would like to run simulations from batch, but am having trouble doing so. The .sim file opens in batch but does not run.

Here is my .bat file:

cd c:/Program Files\CDadapco\STAR-CCM+ 4.06.011

echo %date% - %time% - START > log.txt

starccm+ -server -batch Sim.sim

echo %date% - %time% - COMPLETE >> log.txt

If anyone could help me with the proper syntax in the batch file, I would be appreciative.

kyle January 21, 2010 13:34

You do not need the "-server" flag when you are running in batch. If you just run "starccm+ -batch Sim.sim" then it will run until completion and then save the file.

You only need the -server flag if you want to just start a server, and then connect to it later.

terMag January 22, 2010 02:49

Hello Kyle,

Thanks for the help, my simulations ran in batch.


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