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vatsa February 11, 2010 01:14

Truck brake chamber transient simulation - Moving boundary
I need assistance in performing transient simulation (2D) for pressure inside a truck brake chamber.

Geometry :
Please refer the schematic below for initial and final states of the system.
Ignore the bolts, springs etc. Moving part is the red coloured plate attached to the diaphragm

Fully extended

I have mass flow rate vs time (total time = 30secs)as input to the system. Say m_in vs t.

Moving boundary:
I have measured data of the pushrod extension (red colour) vs time. Call xb vs t (again 30secs).

a) I need to know how to simulate the moving boundary in STAR CCM + (v4) for the mass flow rate input and the moving boundary data xb (the output).
With these two given, I need to solve for the Pressure developed inside the chamber as a function of time.

I am right now doing a 2D simulation

b) Max movement of xb is 2.25 inches. I need to have a dynamic mesh so that the flow domain is enlarged corresponding to the movement of the boundary at each time step.

c) Medium is compressed air.

Kindly let me know if STAR CCM can handle this problem.
If yes, let me know the appropriate module.

Thanks for your time


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