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ziyasaydam April 8, 2010 03:59

Sail Modelling

Has anybody managed to model sails in Star CCM without thickness? We are working on a mast-sail combination and experiencing difficulty in mesh generation.

Thanks a lot,


Vinicius April 9, 2010 08:39

If I understood correctly, I want to model your sail as a 2D surface inside a 3D model, right?

To do that, import you sail without thickness, right click on that boundary and than click in convert to interface. At the interfaces node, select the interface, on its properties set as baffle interface. Both Boundaries (e.g. sail and copy of sail) must remain in the same region.

Hope it helps :)


ersahino April 29, 2010 13:25

Dear Vinicius,

Thank you for your help. After converting the boundary to an interface I can now use surface remesher in order to mesh the sail and it looks well after meshing.

However, if I want to do volume mesh by using trimmer after surface meshing I've got the error: interact cells: polygon formation error...
Is this problem based on the imported surface or anything else?

And I can do the volume mesh just with tetrahedral mesher. However, after doing volume mesh, if I try to convert the model into 2-D
I lost the interfaces(sails).

Best Regards

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