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Erikwt April 12, 2010 05:49

Calculating outlet temperature pipeline

Background: I am utilizing CCM+ as part of a college level project, and I have very limited experience with CCM+, infact I have barely had time to finish some of the tutorials and have fooled around with the program for a bit in order to familiarize myself with it. My apologies in advance if the following is something I should have figured out myself, but I didnt and hence seek some guidance from this forum.

Problem: I am trying to simulate seawater flowing through a buried pipeline in a hot climate, and wish to calculate outlet temperature, as a result of heat conduction through the soil and pipeline.

I have generated what seems to be a solid mesh and applied adiabatic walls at a given distance from the pipe wall, with a fixed convection rate from the surface to simulate heat transfer from radiation and convection - this is obviously a very simplified approach, but as stated I do have very limited CFD experience..

Now what seems to be the problem for me is choosing the appropriate physics models to the continua, because as it is I am unable to choose Temperature as an output as was done in the "heated fin" tutorial.

Is CCM+ actually able to solve for temperature in such a simulation (3-d, fluid surrounded by multiple layers of solid), and if not do you have a suggestion for an alternative approach to the problem?

My goal with the simulation is to verify a theoretical model used to estimate outlet temperature in a long pipeline. This estimation will be rough, and not account for change in ambient temperature etc.

Thank you in Advance.


Vinicius April 12, 2010 10:41

How are you trying to measure the temperature? Is it an Area averaged report from the outlet?

Erikwt April 13, 2010 06:45

Thank you for your swift reply.

Ideally I am looking for an output similar to the one from the heated fin tutorial - I would guess an area averaged report from the outlet would suffice to estimate the average outlet temperature after a given distance.

Again I apologize if the question may seem trivial, but this is due to my lack of experience with CFD.


lin123 April 14, 2010 09:41

right click on Report, new Report, Area Averaged.
rename it as you like
in the property window you chose
scalar: temperature
parts: your outlet boundery
units: C or K

right klick on your new report: run report: your value will be displayed!
you can also create a monitor from your report to save your report value at each iteration!

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