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ahmadbakri May 30, 2010 21:55

strain rate magnitude
hi all

I have a problem, if I want to use the strain rate function inside the star ccm+ I have two options:
1.$StrainRate which can be used as field function
2. Strain Rate Magnitude which shows the values of strain rate in some section

i tried to run some simulation of a process, when I compared both functions they had the same values but, the first one didnt have the same distribution a long the cross section plane (i.e. the plane had only one value which is the smallest one, but the bar gave the same values as the bar in the Strain Rate Magnitude)

does any body know how to use the 2nd functoin because it is the true one in terms of strain rate values and distribution not like the 1st one which has only the same values but with wrong distribution, or how can I make them identical


vishyaroon June 3, 2010 13:03

Seems the first one is the vector function while the second one is the magnitude.

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