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Yogibear June 15, 2010 13:58

Lift and Drag ???
Hi Everyone

Im trying to make star ccm+ output the lift and drag from a NACA 0012 wing between 0 - 18 degrees. Im strugling with it a bit ive had it all working with pressures but need drag and lift.

Ive been through the help and tutorial section but dont seam to be able to get the right settings to even select lift and drag.

The physics Ive been using are as following
K-Epsilon Turbulence
Constant Density
Segragated Flow
Three Dimensinal

Please Bear with me as im basically teaching myself how to use the software for uni.

f-w June 15, 2010 19:08

You need to search the help file for REPORTS. If you want absolute forces, there's a "Force" report. If you want coefficients, there's a "Force coefficient" report.

Whichever report you go with, be careful with the "direction" specification, and all the reference values.

BrenS June 17, 2010 16:24

I recently completed a similar analysis and found a great tutorial in STAR-CCM+ that clearly explained the proper procedure. To access the tutorial I went to Help->Help (F1)->Search and then typed in "airfoil tutorial." The tutorial is called "Transonic Flow over an Airfoil" and outlines a step-by-step procedure for solving, reporting, and visualizing the flow solution over an airfoil. It also explains how to convert the imported mesh into 2D which is a significant time saver for this sort of analysis. Good luck!

Yogibear June 17, 2010 17:01

Thanks for the replies folks. I did find that tutorilal as well and have been having a look at it. However my wing is in 3d and for the project im ment to be keeping it in 3d. Think ive got the processing power to do it in 3d just not sure how to. It seams far to complicated for some reason.

arunjingade June 20, 2010 10:11

physics model

I think you should use "coupled flow" not "segregated flow". it doesnt make much difference because coupled flow is used for high speed application (if I am not wrong) but coupled flow is more accurate.



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