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pradeap June 30, 2010 11:18

Equivalent of Gambit neutral file in star ccm
What is the equivalent of Ansys Gambit neutral file in Star ccm+.

how to generate the file which contains mesh information( as gambit neutral file ) in STAR ccm+

RobertB June 30, 2010 18:20

You could export a ccm file to STAR 4 and then write out the information from there.

pradeap July 2, 2010 07:09

Thanks for you reply, would be tell me in detail, how to get the star 4 format and how to get the information...

RobertB July 2, 2010 07:36

You first export a ccm geometry file from CCM+

you RCCM the file into star 4

If you type HELP CONVERT it will show you the available options - some are read only. The command DIRECTION sets whether you are importing or exporting.

You also have the VWRITE and CWRITE commands. The cell file format has become notably more difficult to reconstruct since moving to polys. The file formats for the VWRITE/CWRITE commands are in an appendix of the manual.

There is a program from CD that will take a STAR 4 cell/vertex files with non poly cells and convert it to a STAR 3 format, which is easier to handle. There is another recent thread on this topic.

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