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trex930 July 11, 2010 23:10

Mass Flow Rate Not Available?
Hi all,

Im trying to obtain the mass flow rate of an exhaust that im simulating. However, when ever the report runs, it just says

Note: Field funciton mass Flow Rate is not available inside Region 1 for smoothing. Using zero except at boundaries where it is defined.

Has anyone encoutered this issue before?

Heres the background of my project.
I have an nozzle spraying upwards into an 'ejector' to the right of the nozzle, there is a long tube, and at the end of the exhaust and the tube, I put two large boxes and set one face boundary to free stream. Does that seem correct to anyone?

Thanks in advance,

vishyaroon July 12, 2010 10:41

Are you trying to get the mass flow rate in a plane section or some derived part that you have generated? If you are trying to plot the mass flow rate for this part then the warning is generated.

trex930 July 14, 2010 01:37

New Question! Didnt want to bombard this forum with another thread.

I was curious as to what parameter in StarCCM+ controls the Tdr.

I ran a simulation with decent results, but then i run it on a similar geometry and the Tdr goes all haywire! The two geometries are VERY similar. And I dont understand whats going on!

And lastly, the Residuals given in StarCCM+, are they absolute or relative residuals??

trex930 August 10, 2010 21:04

Can anyone help me out?

Vinicius August 11, 2010 08:21

The residuals are normalized... if you wnat to see the absulte, go to the monitors folder and at each monitor change the normalization option to Off..

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