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ramaero007 July 23, 2010 04:29

star-ccm+ capability
hi every body,

1.)i am planning to analyze the flow over reentry modules at supersonic speed. is star-ccm+ capable of predicting the shocks and other phenomenon at high speeds???

2.)star-ccm+ is a ------- based solver

Gforce August 6, 2010 10:56

In my opinion, Star CCM+ is one of the best solvers (better than Fluent and Ansys) for predicting high entropy, compressible flows. Back in the early 1990's, while in school, we compared Fluent Results with a code I wrote to analyse internal conical flows. Fluent did not predict the shock waves correctly and furthermore, it took a very long time and lots of attention to acheive convergence to an incorrect solution.

When I had access to use Star CCM+ (I think version 1.3), I repeated the tests we did with fluent - and what a difference. Star CCM+ converged to text book solutions in less than 1 hour (fluent took about 4 hours and converged to a wrong solution). Now the version of Fluent was old (I think version 3.0) and fluent was bought out by Ansys and has undergone several improvements - I have not had the opportunity to test the latest fluent version.

I like Fluent's ability to automatically remesh the study (it automatically makes a finer mesh size or volume size in areas of high gradients as specified by the user). The version of Star CCM+ (v1.3) did not have this feature. In a customer feedback survey to CD Adapco, I did write a description of this feature (auto volume re-sizing in areas of high gradients). I do not know if the latest version of Star CCM+ has this incorporated.

Star CCM+ is highly recommended - The creators of this software did it right!!!

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