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jonny_b July 23, 2010 09:57

Singular Axis Boundary for 3d Wedge Mesh
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I imported a Plot3d volume mesh into Star-CCM with multiple regions, each region containing a single default boundary. I am splitting up the surfaces according to angle but I cannot seem to find out how to split up my surface along the centerline of my wedge mesh from the rest of the surfaces. I have attached an image showing the "singular axis" surface I'm trying to separate out from the rest of the surfaces. I'm new to Star-CCM so I don't know if it plays nice with imported 3D structured wedge meshes. Any advice is very appreciated.


jonny_b August 5, 2010 09:22

So, after learning more about how unstructured solvers work, I realized that I am an idiot. There is no collapsed surface at the centerline because the solver uses face flux values for solving.

I am used to having to specify a special boundary condition for centerline mesh points in a structured solver.

Consider this question closed.

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