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xinzhiyu2008 August 6, 2010 03:38

About create interface!
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I want to create interface between two boundaries, first,I create the model in the UG NX 6, import a curved suface with the thickness of 2mm, then I create one big cuboid use the cuboid split the curved surface,and retain the curved surface. then import the geometry into star_ccm+, there are two bodies,split the cubiod boundry by path, select the 6 faces of the cubiod, then the left surface will be the interface surfaces, select the left surfaces of the cubiod and all the curved surface's faces create "in-place interface", do mesh remesher, and,at last... error:confused:

Gforce August 6, 2010 11:05

Make sure all of the geometery is created in UG broken out the way you want it before importing via IGES or equivalent into Star CCM+. I use to have this problem as well, but when I created all of the different volumes in Catia at once and imported the entire model into Star CCM+ it worked fine for me. Hope this helps.

xinzhiyu2008 August 6, 2010 20:47

Thanks,I will try!

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