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falkin August 17, 2010 09:04

Modelling of a vibrating beam
Hi All,

I am new here and this is my first post, I want to ask a few questions and see if I am headed in the right direction.

At the moment i am trying to set up a simple model, basically a vibrating block that can move up and down between two vertical constraints (deflection). And see how this effects the air around it.

How I imagine solving this problem, after doing some research and readings.

Would be to use either the morpher model or the 6 DOF models in order to create the movement of the beam.

Is this the right approach or is there a better/easier way?

Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you very much

falkin August 19, 2010 09:51

Currently i am unable to get the beam to deflect up and down, if anyone has any idea of how to achieve this it would be much appreciated!

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