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shay August 23, 2010 23:07

Distribution of deposition of particles
I was wondering if anyone could let know the way that I could show the distribution of deposition of particles in a pipe.
I am running an internal flow that particles are injected into the system ( Lagrangian multiphase analysis) using Star CCM+.
Air enters through the inlet of a pipe ( or a tube), the pipe along the way ,splits into two pipes and air exits through 2 outlets. I am using a k-omega turbulent model.

Also if anyone knows how the particles can be captured by a wall, rather than using Rebound or Escape as a boundary Condition. Thank you for your help

With thanks

rcm November 8, 2010 01:31

contor plot of incident mass flux will show u where droplets are impinging(use only two colors in plot).take surface integral of incident mass flux on particular surface this will give u mass of droplets reaching that surface, u can do it susquently for other surfaces then u can plot percentage of droplets reaching each surface

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