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Birkov August 25, 2010 03:28

Boat problem
Hi to all,

I would like to ask you if anyone have any experience with boat hydrostatics and hydrodynamics in STAR-CCM+ (6DOF, multiphase, etc.).
I'm Ansys CFX user but it seems that doesn't solve what I need.
In this time I choosing which CFD software I will use in future.
Thank you for your advise.


eleazar August 25, 2010 06:27

i believe for this time star ccm is the best choice for that....
i also worked with cfx and i know for sure that the new star ccm is much better ( i do not know the changes of cfx from 2003)

Birkov August 25, 2010 06:41

CFX(Ansys 12.1) has 6DOF still as beta feature and will come as fully released in Ansys 13 but I have no time to wait for this version (yep it's relatively close) or even version 14.
I have no experience with STAR-CCM+ so I already ask for trial license. So will see.
I just read and saw few paper with focus on ships and it looks usable.

Thank you for your opinion.


eleazar August 25, 2010 07:07

well star ccm is really very easy for this simulations... i believe that ansys is not so focus on that.

Vinicius August 25, 2010 08:24

STAR-CCM+ has a very good solver (comet was a VOF solver dedicated to the marine industry and was incorporated by CD-adapco in STAR-CCM+) and a dedicated post-processing for 6DOF problems!!

For sure is the best option for doing boat analysis!

tobe September 8, 2010 02:17

I model boats in Star most days and i am getting happy with the results (only been 8 months). What exactually do you want to know

Birkov September 8, 2010 02:29

I already spoke with guys from cd-adaco and I sure that this what I need. I just want know as much as is possible (forces, movements, stability, pitch, etc...).
Do you have any suggestions which can you give me? I don't mean anything specific. Just some hints.

Thank you very much.


tobe September 8, 2010 02:35

Are you trying to model fluid flows at speed or rolling/pitching in sea conditions. Can you outline your problem a little better?

Birkov September 8, 2010 03:04

I would like to solve multiphase flow(air/water) with 6dof model (5dof actually, movement in x direction is locked) with flat water and than in waves (for various speeds).
What I want to know is complete hull behavior in specific conditions.

- Hull resistance for determining the required propulsion power.
- Hull stability.
- Hull pitch
- wave - piercing

and after that I will see what I need next.

Thank you.


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