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syd August 25, 2010 08:35

what's the meaning of turbulent kinetic energy? help!!!
Hi everyone!

I'm having some troubles! Let me explain...

I'm studying a wing, varying the incidence angle of the air flux: no problems with mesh or simulations, I am already in post-processing; I have been told to plot (in 3 plane sections I created), considering the varying angle:
1-velocity vectors;
2-relative pressure;
3-turbulent kinetic energy;
now, no problems with velocity and pressure.
I don't understand the plots of the turbulent kinetic energy: what is the meaning of all of these? How does it change when I reach the stall angle for the wing, and start to visualize the first vortex in the wake?:confused:
I can't find anything on my books...

Thank you!

Robert@cfd August 31, 2010 09:22

As you can see by the definition of the TKE, it gives you information about the interaction of the turbulent fluctuations, or the kinetic energy per unit mass associated with eddies

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