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mobius August 26, 2010 11:01

mesh generation help
I am a new STAR-CCM+ user. I have a large model that I'm am trying to get a surface and volume mesh on, but the surface mesh generator keeps cutting off one end of the model and adding holes, kind of like someone had a field day with a chainsaw. I think it's doing this because that section is where two components gradually come together, so the cross section of the space between the parts would look like a long skinny triangle. That geometry continues around the entire top of the model. I've tried tweaking the mesh settings, but have not found a way to mesh up into the small corner. That's really the only trouble spot, everything else seems to mesh fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Tron August 27, 2010 02:10

feature curves missing?
Did you create "Feature Curves" for your regions?


karthickeyan August 27, 2010 04:01

reduce mesh size or create feature curve
u can eliminate this problem by reducing mesh size(if it possible) or create feature curve

mobius August 27, 2010 14:38

Thanks for the suggestions.

Tron: The regions do have feature curves defining the boundaries but it will not mesh up to the feature curves.

karthickeyan: I have tried finer meshs, some extend further up into the region and some don't for some reason. This is a large model, so I don't want too fine of a mesh beceuase that will increase the computation time. I think we once tried to do a fine mesh on just the region we are trying to fix, but it had issues connecting that to the rest of the model which had a bit courser mesh.

Vinicius August 27, 2010 16:10

Split the faces that are in touch in 2 boundaries and customize the mesh values for both. Use the min and target with the same value (for example 50% for both). Also, if it doesn´t help, disable the automatic surface repair and see what happens.

Are you using surface wrapper?

karthickeyan August 30, 2010 01:19

try this
for each boundary u can customize the mesh size so upload snap shot of ur problem

mobius September 11, 2010 17:20

So far I have tried all the suggestions and still can't get a good mesh up into the corner. I got a new higher fidelity model to play with, in an STL format, and I can't even get that to remesh or surface wrap or anything. Sorry, I can not upload any pictures or my model, I can only describe the geometry generically.

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