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malfonso1286 September 2, 2010 17:34

Boundary Condition Questions
I have just started using STAR-CCM+ and I am unsure how to set my boundary condition. I have a pipe-like chamber with a total for 4 inlets and 1 outlet. Inside the chamber the pressure is supposed to be a constant 0.3 atm of helium. The outlet goes to a environment with zero pressure, a vacuum. The helium is sucked out of the chamber through the outlet and then is replaced by helium coming through the 4 inlets, keeping the pressure constant. What boundary condition should I be using? Do I need to set the reference pressure to 0.3 atm?

abdul099 September 12, 2010 18:07


it's not necessary to set the reference pressure to 0.3 atm. You can choose whatever you want, you only have to set the right pressures relative to the reference pressure.

Do you expect an appreciable pressure difference between the inlet and the chamber?

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