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king_steve September 7, 2010 10:13

Black screen when importing geometry
Hi all. I would really appreciate some help on this.

Ive created a 3D surface model using Autocad , ive exported it as STEP file, imported it into Star-Design, and then exorted it back to STAR CCM+.

However, after star ccm is done importing the cad, i cannot see the geometry in star ccm+.... all i see is a black screen. Is there an explanation as to why?

It seems that the program has read everything fine with no errors ..but cannot really see anything on geometry scene.

Thanks in advance.


tobe September 8, 2010 02:14

What regions or parts are there in the left hand side? Also why are you going through Star-Design. I use STEP files but go straight from Rhino to Star

king_steve September 8, 2010 16:57

Thanks tobe. I imported directly via Star ccm+ and it worked! :)

However now im experiencing a new problem and i would appreciate your help.

The model i imported is based on a piping system. I'm trying to generate a surface mesh to improve the quality of my CAD model before generating a volume mesh.

Unfortunately im getting a java error when i'm initializing the surface mesh when using "surface remesher" : error: java.lang.interruptedexception

Is that common?

Do i need to use surface remesher or is surface wrapping only sufficient?

Thanks again.

tobe September 8, 2010 19:48

It is very easy to have holes in the mesh and that causes a lot of problems. If you do a surface repair on your import that will show you any potential errors. I do you wrapper if there are holes in the mesh (small ones that is) but if i can get away with just remesher then i do. If i use wrapper then i still use remesher afterwards to get the mesh size down as i often use a low wrapper scale factor.

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