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netmaster September 30, 2010 00:38

Reactions in StarCCM+ : Any help would be appreciated
I am trying to model convection (rayleigh benard convection) with 3 reactions which occur at different temperature regimes.

I succeeded in capturing the convection phenomena (The solution converges and i get expected results).

However when I added reactions to my model, it doesn't converge (the species residual doesn't decrease).
Models selected:
1. Its a steady state simulation and I tried it both with coupled and segregated solvers.
2. 3-D, multicomponent liquid and laminar.
3.Combustion model: Partially premixed eddy break up model (Kinetics only)

Is there an issue in convergence because of the initial mass fraction distribution of each component (or something to do with the limiting reactant)...?

I am stuck here and any help would mean a lot.

Thanks in advance..

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