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colorforadollar September 30, 2010 08:12

Swapping Geometry
I think this is a simple problem but I think I'm missing something...

I have a SIM file set up and runs perfectly but I want to change the geometry I'm testing. What is the easiest way to swap out the geometry in a region without creating a new one? How do you guys do it?

nomad September 30, 2010 13:47

If the geometry was imported as a part instead of a region, then you can right click the part, then select 'replace part'.
Else, you can import the new part, and delete the old one.

colorforadollar October 1, 2010 08:37

The original surface was imported directly as a boundary as all the tutorials show.

When I import the new geometry as a part, I can't get it to show in any Geometry Scene. When I assign the previous boundary to the surface from the new part, it's ignored and the mesher just meshes the old shape. When I create new boundaries from the new Part surface, it's also just ignored and cannot be displayed either.

I just don't want to have to respecify everything in the volume if I need to do a huge parametric survey of shapes. It can't be this difficult, I must be missing something.

abdul099 October 2, 2010 15:27


several annotations to your questions...

You can show parts in a geometry scene, if you coose to show the "Geometry" in the displayer. If you have showed the region before, the displayer will show the volume mesh (or the initial surface if you delete the volume mesh), so you have to switch before you can see the geometry from the imported part.

Any region created from a part is transfered to a "Initial surface" when you initialize the meshing. Before that, you can only see it by switching to geometry in the displayer, like i wrote above.

If you have any importable surface representation, maybe a dbs, stl, igs or something similar, you can right-click on "Representations - Imported Surface", and choose "Replace Surface". I'm not fully sure what will happen to the boundary definitions. But I'm sure, it will not keep your settings if your geometry definition is not similar to the first one.

If you want to run several similar cases, with only slightly changes, another possibility is to write a java macro (or record one and modify it slightly to your requirements). It may be more work at the beginning, but you can just modify some lines to adjust it to another case.


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