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Jonny6001 October 21, 2010 16:20

Quad mesh in Star CCM+
Hello, I am just curious is there a way to use quad elements to mesh surfaces before building the volume mesh?
I am asking because I have a simple exteruded tube in a sim which has to be meshed with tet surface elements, it seems like a perfect case for a nice mapped quad surface mesh. I see that something could be done with the extruder mesh function but it's not that versatile.

Thanks a lot for your time.

pavko718 October 23, 2010 19:08

You may want to try a trimmed mesh and see if it gives you the result you are looking for. Don't forget to run the surface remesher prior to the trimmer, since trimmed cells are sized from the surface mesh.

I don't believe there is away to have quad surface elements for use with the extruder as all CAD/surfaces are always triangulated on import, and there is no internal mesh model to create quads.

Jonny6001 October 24, 2010 16:33

I will have a go with the trimmer, haven't really used it yet to be honest.

The extruder basically extrudes a line mesh in a specified direction so I think the triangulation when importing doesn't have any bearing on it.

I'm unfortunately going to bring up the issue of mesh element type now, if the mesh is 3D, are the polyhedral meshes that Star CCM+ produces as good as any other 3D mesh than would originate from a quad surface mesh?

Thanks for the reply.

abdul099 January 6, 2011 18:21

Not sure, but what about the generalized cylinder mesher?

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