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ziyasaydam October 28, 2010 12:29

6 DOF Boat Problem

I am trying to analyze a boat's wave pattern with Star CCM using Multiphase and VOF Waves solvers. Although I am following the steps in the tutorial, as the release time comes, the free surface and the boat start sinking towards the bottom of the domain where as the ends of the free surface (at the inlet and outlet) stay at the original position.

Has anyone experienced similar problems?

Thanks in advance,


fastwave October 29, 2010 05:13

Difficult to know what is wrong from that info. But it is worth checking your co-ordinate systems. Some things should be in the movable boat system and some in the global fixed. My guess is you forgot to set them correctly. Look at the tutorial on how to set them up.

Larsen October 29, 2010 05:25

What reference are you using for the initial c.g position? In the 6 dof tab you have to set the initial c.g position acording to the lab cordinate system even though you are using a local cordinate system.

ziyasaydam October 29, 2010 06:29

The coordinate systems seem fine. The error is probably due to a mistake in body mass. Will post again if not resolved.

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