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Jen November 2, 2010 14:09

Convert to 2D function

I wondered if anyone has imported a geometry into star (it has to be a solid 3D part) and then managed to successfully get it to convert to 2D once meshed. I get an error message saying 'No boundaries in the Z=0 plane were found' and I have no idea how to fix it.

Thanks for you time!:)

nomad November 2, 2010 18:27

'Once the mesh is imported into STAR-CCM+, check that the boundary you want to extract lies in the z = 0 plane.
If the model is not oriented correctly, then it should be rotated and/or translated until the face of interest does lie on the z = 0 plane. If a boundary lies near the z = 0 plane but not consistently on it, you can project the boundary vertices to that plane. '

Jen November 4, 2010 13:15

Thank you for that!:)

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