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rubencerda November 26, 2010 08:36

Troubles in the generation of volume mesh
Hello everybody. I'm new in the CFD world and I need someone that can help me.

I been imported the geometry generated with Solidworks and I succesfully created the surface mesh. But when I try to generate the volume mesh I can't, the model send me the next message error "Server error: Error in surface mesh region body 1: surface is self intersecting. If I try to auto repair the imported surface the result is a deformed surface and i don't know how I can fix succesfully the geometry

Someone can help me and say me witch are the steps I must follow?

Thank you

Larsen November 27, 2010 22:26

Learn how to use the repair tool i Star ccm

abdul099 January 6, 2011 17:19

You should not use the automatic surface repair unless you haven't used the surface wrapper (which is obviously not the right tool when you don't have any experience).

First have a look on the imported geometry. Right-click on a geometry part, choose "Repair Surface" and you can see where the problem is. A self-intersecting surface is causes by pierced faces, marked in red. Try to get rid of them by zipping edges, collapsing vertices or deleting faces and create new ones. Take care 'cause you're changing the geometry when you're doing something wrong.

The remeshed surface should only be screwed up when either the geometry is really really complex, or more likely, when the imported surface is crap. So checking the imported surface is the first step.

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