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greathairday November 26, 2010 14:31

Cylinder in 2Dflow

I'm needing some help on a case here:

i have cylinder in laminar 2D flow, and would like to describe the velosities and the pressure as field functions(at least I think thats the best way), and want to calculate drag and lift.

As i start the simulation i got this error:
Unable to compute field function Velocity on cells of region "Fluid". please check that function is defined here?

and i really dont know what to do with it.

Can anyone please help me??

Larsen November 27, 2010 22:24

This is the way I do it.

-Setup a XY plot where the pressure and distance is the function.

-Export as a .csv file.

-Import in data Analysis program (I use Igor). Run regression analysis.

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