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trustworthy_86 December 7, 2010 09:59

[Urgent] Help with turbowizard. Unable to open file :(
I come from Indonesia. sorry if my English is not good enough.:(

need some advices for a problem i cannot solve alone.
Right now, I am doing a Turbomachinery Tutorial. it demonstrates the steps required for a turbomachinery simulation in Star CCM+ using the Turbo Wizard.

the Single Row Tutorial illustrates the simulation of an axial compressor blade in Star CCM+ and goes through the process of creating a mesh for a single blade row.

I have followed step by step all directions that was given in the tutorials. but when I click "OK" to generate the volume mesh, it appears something that really hates me :mad::

BladeImporter::openFile(Z:\......bla bla...\axialSingleRow\Rotor37.estg):
Unable to open file.

can anybody help me?
FYI: all of the tutorals is illustrated in page 6113, User Guide Star-CCM+ Version 5.04.006, Turbomachinery Tutorials

In the "Importing the turbo Blades and Generating the Mesh" sub titel, we were told to create a sub-directory for the tutorial called axialSingleRow. and then, we were also told to copy the
, inlet.bndy, exit.bndy, hub.bndy and tip.bndy files from the doc/tutorials/axialSingleRow subdirectory of my

STAR-CCM+ installation into this directory.

what I did is just create a new directory named "axialSingleRow" in my private harddisk and copy paste all the .estg and .bndy files in this directory. was this the cause from the problem?? :confused:

does anybody have an idea why it doesn't run??
please help me :o

thank you for your attention.

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