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ayroman03 December 14, 2010 18:34

Wall Velocity
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Im new to this forum having only just recently started working with CCM+.

I am modelling flow in a duct, with a tetrahedral mesh, with a 2 layer thick prism mesh. I have a velocity inlet acting normal to the boundary, and a pressure outlet.

I have done a 'quick' model with ~1e5 cells so my mesh is far from perfect. My query is regarding the wall velocity. I have uploaded two small .jpegs section planes of the duct at mid-height. I am trying to understand the velocity profile at the wall (Obviously it isnt correct).

Being relatively inexperienced with CFD and with limited processing power I am trying to work out what exactly is the cause of this? Is the mesh at the wall COMPLETELY insufficient and the cause?

I am modelling with a K-epsilon model if that could possibly affect it?


I look forward to living on this forum haha...

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