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turbotel January 11, 2011 23:57

modules require for turbo simulation
i plan to buy star ccm+.. & my job is to simulation of automotive turbocharger so turbo machinery kind of simulation.
For turbo kind of simulation I've to buy what are the modules? Pls brief.

ping January 12, 2011 01:56

STAR-CCM+ is an all-inclusive packing - CAD, meshing etc etc - one code in one window and no separate modules. Includes a 'turbo wizard' to aid turbomachinery case setup - never used it and know nothing about turbochargers.

turbotel January 12, 2011 04:16

for turbo post processing whether i have to create the blade model in star ccm+'s turbo wizard or can i use my imported step file.
because generally i export the wheel CAD model from pro/e and i usually get the step file for cfd simulation.
thanks in adv.

abdul099 January 15, 2011 09:31

I haven't used the turbo wizard yet, but in the ccm+ help, one can read

The geometry and demands put upon the resolution of the model near a typical blade/impeller setup make step 1 challenging. The turbo wizard will simplify the creation of a high quality mesh and application of appropriate boundary conditions to it.
A typical analysis starts with either a blade design or a CAD model of the blade. This can be imported into the turbo wizard by creating an input file that defines the blade surface as a set of coordinates. The fluid mesh is then created around it, boundary conditions are applied to the fluid domain and the model is solved in STAR-CCM+."

Hope this helps.

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