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madhuri January 20, 2011 16:24

How to Refined mesh ?
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Iam trying to generate a good meshing scheme for a nozzle. Attached is the mesh I generated in starccm+. I used customized polyhedral meshing for some important parts as can be seen in the figure.

However, I am concerned with the mesh size at the nozzle exit. At the centre of the nozzle, mesh size is bigger. How can I make is smaller?

I used a base size of 0.5mm and 10% of the base size for some parts. Even though i decrease the relative mesh size of the nozzle parts, mesh size at the centre of the nozzle doesnt reduce. If I reduce the base size, meshing takes forever to generate. Therefore, i wanted to adjust the relative mesh size for the nozzle area.

Can some suggest me how to achieve this.

FYI, Iam trying to simulated choked flow (water) in the nozzle. Operating conditions, Inlet Press = 25MPa, T=633K and outlet P = 10 MPa.


alastormoody11 January 20, 2011 23:31

You can use the volumetric controls, firstly generate a cube or a sphere and then you can independently set the parameters just for that volumetric region that you created like a different minimum size etc.

Hope that helps

abdul099 January 21, 2011 20:37

When you just want to get more or less uniform cell sizes on a boundary, you can also set the same value for minimum and target size on that boundary.

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