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Luigi_ January 25, 2011 14:09

Periodic BCs for flow through body centered cubic
I'm trying to model fully developed flow through a cube past spheres where the spheres are arranged in a body centered cubic arrangement. I want to model an infinite geometry and so am using periodic BCs. I'm confused about how periodic interfaces work with the surfaces' boundary conditions.

For the inlet and outlet surfaces of my geomtry, i have linked them as an interface with the periodic fully developed interface. Then what boundary type should these surfaces be? When they are specified as inlet and outlet i get flow perpendicular to the inlet and outlet. Or should they be walls where i impose flow with the pressure jump used in the interface?

For the other surfaces, I have created interfaces of the two side walls together, and then the top and bottom of the cube together-- using periodic fully developed interface with 0 pressure jump, where the BCs of these surfaces are walls. I think this is working.

My question is just what boundary condition type should be used for periodic interfaces. Thanks!

xamo January 26, 2011 05:48

Hi Luigi,

If I understand you correct you want to set up partial cyclic boundaries for the inlet and outlet like in STARCD. Either the mass flow is fixed or the pressure drop is known.

This is not possible up to CCM Version 5.06. As far as I know this will be possible in Version 6.02.


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