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weigsi February 27, 2011 14:26

How to set up rough wall conditions
Hi there,
i have created a tube D=0,2m, and use the k-Omega SST Model with All y+ treatment, y+ is around 25.
i set up the wall conditions in regions as rough, and there is a difference to smooth wall in the pressure drop (over to section planes i have created) but i cant manipulate the Roughness function as i want.
i mean the pressure drop with roughness height 0.0001 is the same as 0.01... 1.... 10... 100.
What does this roughness height stand for? and is there any mistake if have done in meshing/physic model or something?
thx for your help
best wishes weigsi

Vinicius February 28, 2011 10:09

Itīs not just the roughness value, it depends of the first layer size.

See in the user guide, there is an explanation of how the wall treatment curve is adjusted depending on the roughness value....



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