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weigsi February 27, 2011 15:42

How to visualize secundary flow in a bender
Hi there,
how can i visualize the secundary flows in a bender. i mean flows like this
have anyone a suggestion to solve the problem?
i already tried to create a streamline or a scalar/vector scene but i got any success.
regards weigsi

RobertB February 28, 2011 09:19

In vector plots there is a 'projection mode', If you choose 'tangential' then you get in plane vectors. Why it is called tangential as opposed to in plane is anyone's guess.

Alternatively you could create a local co-ordinate system and then generate a field function of the magnitude of the in plane values. If you have a large number of non-aligned planes this could obviously be painful.

weigsi February 28, 2011 09:46

thx for your post, the first solution was excactly what i had in mind!

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