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aaronlong March 6, 2011 17:33

Multi-element airfoil
I'm new to CFD and I'm running a 2D multi-element wing in STAR-CCM at various angles to measure the lift and drag coefficients. I have tried using different meshes and I have been unable to get the results and stall point to match with previous results.
I am using a k-epsilon turbulent, consent density model.

What can i change to give me accurate results?

aaronlong March 6, 2011 17:42

I forgot to mention that the wing is in air at 30 m/s

nomad March 15, 2011 20:36

From my experience with multi-element airfoils, kepsilon gives a more accurate Clmax, but doesn't indicate stall angle correctly, whereas the transition model seems to predict stall angle correctly but underestimates the Clmax.
I don't think there is anything out there available commercially that does a good job of predicting stall, but I could be wrong.

PB4 April 1, 2011 07:47

also, stall means flow separation which I gathered from these forums makes the problem unsuitable for 2D, you should work in 3D instead.. but my experience in CFD is very low I stand corrected..

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