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akuma March 9, 2011 07:04

Plotting Free surface elevation
Hi everyone,
I would like to plot the wave/free surface elevation at a given distance from the origin w.r.t time in star-ccm+ .
Also I would like to know how to get a scalar scene in which one plots the free surface elevation as the scalar field.
Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

alastormoody11 March 14, 2011 03:56


What do you mean you want to plot free surface elevation as a scalar field.

If you want to visualize a free surface you might want to consider using cell thresholds, refer help for the same.

If you want to visualize only the free surface only then you need to write a field function something like VolumeFractionWater>0 && VolumeFractionWater<0.5

akuma March 16, 2011 07:17

Hi alastor,
Thanks for the advice.I meant making a scalar scene of position[Z] of iso surface.I think I got that.
I would like to know how to create a XY plot in which x axis is time and
y-axis is the wave elevation at a particular location(say at x=30m).
I created a point probe at a given location and gave its constituent part as iso surface.But when I use the point probe I get a clutter of points.
What I want is a result equivalent to a wave probe.

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