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weigsi March 10, 2011 13:29

bionic bender vs. 90 reference bender
Hi community,
i have simulated a real test about the pressure drop over an evulotionary developed bender (maeander bender) vs a reference 90 bender.
In the real test the maeander bender generated a pressure drop around 15-25% less the reference one.
I build the exact geometrie of both bender in starccm+, and reviewed both in some simulations with following specs:
1. K-Omega - SST, Low y+
2. K-Omega - SST, All y+
3. RSS - Linear Pressure Strain, Two Layer
I used in physic-continuum, gas - air, steady, segregated flow, 3-D and turbulent.
The Mesh is genereted to have an overall y+<1 with the low y+, and between 30<y+<60 with the all y+/two layer wall treatment.
My problem ist that in starccm the maeander bender creates a higher pressure drop then the reference bender, but this in confict to the real results.
I hope u can give me any explanation for this case.
regards weigsi

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