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Raambi May 9, 2011 06:02

modeling freestream in an big Volume with gravity
Hello everybody!

I get big problems with my solution, if im trying to solve with gravity.

I am modeling a freestream in a big volume/room. The flow enter the room with 4 m/s. The floor and the blanket are defined as wall-boundaries and the walls of the room as pressureoutlets.

I work with ccm+ and my models are:

Ideal Gas
K-Omega SST Turbulence
Multicomponent (Mix of two non-reacting Gases)
Segregated Flow (Isothermal)

without gravity the freestream looks very normal/good i think. But if i switch the gravity on i get without any reason very high velocities in my volume. These velocities are much higher than the freestream and it ruined my solution. If i solve until the residuals are convergated, the freestream goes very fast up to the blanket and the straight to the right. This doesnt seem very natural.....

Big Sorry for my English i hope u can understand my problem anyhow!


Raambi May 10, 2011 07:04

Could nobody help me? Is my english too worse or do u have not enough informations?

Pls! I need help!

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