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bhanu1810 May 9, 2011 13:15

fluid domain extraction for CHT problems
Hello Everyone,

I am using star ccm+ 5.02 version and want to do thermal simulation of a refrigeration cavity. I imported ONLY solid parts in .stp format. For doing a conjugate thermal analysis i need to create interface between fluid and soild region.

My problem is that the assembly has number of solid parts which are arranged in a way to form close chamber of fluid. How can i extract this fluid region for creating interface between solid and fluid.

i have tried 1) boolean =>unite operation and
2) Splitting by surface topology after combining all solid region.
but could not get a separate fluid domain.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

abdul099 May 10, 2011 03:08

Put a block part over your solid parts and subtract the solid parts.

bhanu1810 May 11, 2011 13:07

i have tried this method but this is not working :(
i was thinking of using merge/imprint option for making common interfaces between solids. But this method is creating unnecessary very small patches, can anyone help me in using this option more efficiently.

Also in merge/imprint option how to decide which surface or region should be used as "source" and which as "destination"?

abdul099 May 22, 2011 07:26

Can you post a picture?

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