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ramarya June 14, 2011 09:49

Problem In Star CCM Plus
hi i'm a electrical student but as a part of my project i need to do analysis in star ccm plus on a airfoil

Joukowski foil wit 16%c camber and 6%c thickness

1. i had a made a 3d file in UG iges file but where to generate mesh file caal i mesh it in star ccm plus if so how? an angle of attack of 90 degrees and above which method i had to follow in star ccm plus ......................i.e at more flow separation which method is better for better results?

3. for my air foil i need to analyse angle of attack from 0-360 degrees for that can i get better results in star ccm plus or else i need to try some other software?

abdul099 July 10, 2011 05:59

1. The primary purpose of the documentation and tutorials is not to increase the installation size but help users. Have a look on it, it doesn't bite.

2.+3. At this high angles of attack, you will not get any good results with the standard turbulence models. You might perform a LES or DES, which is VERY computational expensive.

4. To get a solution which is not totally crap, I strongly recommend to get in touch with somebody with experience in
a) aerodynamics
b) CFD in general
c) Using star-ccm+

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